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Adura is a pop-up self-care brand, founded by therapist-in-training Jacque Aye, focused on making nighttime wellness rituals cute AF!

After COVID-19 blanketed the world in a haze of confusion and fear, mental health became a national talking point and cases of depression tripled in the United States. Evenings can be a particularly challenging time for those dealing with depression, as they may find it hard to sleep, and may find the quietness of the night isolating.

After such a tough year, and many tough nights, it’s about time we all slowed down and nurtured our mental wellbeing. Adura (Adu Ura) means “Soft sleep” in Igbo, and we’re dedicated to creating a self-care-centered nighttime routine that pairs adorable aesthetics with proven stress-relieving activities so you can sleep softly.

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